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Exhibit dates: November 5, 2022 - Jan 7, 2023

Normally a once every 5 years show, and last on display in 2020,  Large Works is back! Coming November 5, 2022 “All Things Great and  Small” our “Large Works” show partners up with the annual “Small Works”  show under this new name! “Large Works” will fill the Hilt and Stella Kelly Hall and “Small  Works” will feature in the Walt Meade Gallery. The Large Works portion of this exhibition will be an open call format.

 There is no set minimum dimensions for Large Works, this is up to interpretation. The panel will accept all size works, if an artist is submitting a piece in a larger format then they traditionally work with, they should state that in their statement. Previous exhibits have included floor to ceiling pieces and pieces that were comprised of smaller elements making up a large piece. We are also open to pieces that reflect Large in their context as well.

All possible mediums will be considered, including paintings, prints, photographs, digital work, drawings, 3 dimensional objects, or a combination thereof. Large works composed of smaller pieces are welcome.

If selected, works need to be ready for installation. Pieces can be wall mounted, free standing, or suspended from the performance hall lighting grid (approx. 23 ft.) and ceiling hooks. We are unable to accommodate pieces that require drilling into the floor. If necessary, and artist can assist with installation on the scheduled date.  If selected, work due to gallery October 18 - 29, 2022. Work that requires more than two people to install or artists that wish to be on site for installation should call ahead to arrange an appointment.

Submission Process: An artist can submit up to three pieces for consideration for the Large Works exhibit. Utilizing Submittable, upload one file for each piece to be considered. You can also submit an artist statement for each piece, or one artists statement for all pieces submitted if they are part of the same collection.

Other Information Requested: Artist name, mailing address, phone number, email address, title of work, medium, weight, dimensions, installation instructions, price, and a brief artist bio.

Submission Fee: $20 per artist, up to three pieces per artists. Fee is waived for emerging artists. An emerging artist is defined as an artist who has not yet participated in a solo or two-person exhibit. Emerging artists should contact the Roxbury Arts Group directly at 607.326.7908 or community@roxburyartsgroup.org to submit their work for consideration.

Selection Process: A panel comprised of artists and Roxbury Arts Group staff will select the works to be included in this exhibit. Artists will be notified of panel decisions by October 7 - 11, 2022

Sales: Artist Gallery split - 70% Artist / 30% Gallery

For more information, please contact the Roxbury Arts Group at 607.326.7908 or email community@roxburyartsgroup.org

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.